First of all, I cannot say that this will help in your situation (although I hope it does), or even if any of it is true, that it will help all different situations. Moreover, I am not a doctor and this has not been officially diagnosed at any time by a medical doctor - anyway, here is my "two cents" and please note that I  cannot be certain this is the best or safest course of action in your particular situation: any advice taken is solely of your own choice.


In about the year 1999, I noticed a lump on the back of my neck - not sure of the size - maybe smaller than a ping-pong ball - I was not sure if this was some muscle that had become strangely seized up and ignored it and in fact had serious sunburn in that area some months/years before that .


Over the years, I found that it was maybe getting harder/bigger and sometimes it seemed to be affecting the blood supply to my head a bit: never fainted. I felt that if it was cancer: not medically proven to this day and have never had an x-ray, that I did not want to go the chemo route etc..


After prayer and research and becoming a vegan and later a raw vegan, I found that by cutting down on sugary foods, including bananas etc. and eating  broccili seeds germinated for a few days, plus doing lots of exercise etc., this reduced the size of the lump: without making it go away altogether, however enough to live functionally with only minor disruption.


For reference, I have talked to some cancer specialist/doctor/medical student personel by Skype/Paltalk over the years and none felt that it was possibly true, or even if it was, that it could be proven without some years of research.


Anyway, the theory is that cancer is a fungus, which feeds on sugar and is destroyed by anti-fungals, ie broccoli. Moreovoer, another theory is  that the spike in cancer is because people used to eat foods that had agents which destroy cancer and due to not eating more natural and varied foods, the body has less ammunition to deal with it - I have tried to tell someone with cancer at my church (now left) and some famous people with cancer about this as my understanding increased, but not had any conclusive results yet: not sure if the church member followed the advice and nothing properly communicated yet with any famous people.


For reference, the sprouts I sprouted in water were: GEO Organic Broccoli Seeds (no financial connection) and I had maybe a tablespoon a day or more once sprouted - here is a website that says how to grow broccoli seed and also sells them, which might be a different variety (no financial connection). I also live quite a healthy lifestyle, not drinking/smoking etc..


Here is some videos about a doctor I saw a while back (his website and I have no financial connection: He advocates sodium bicarbonate by surgery and I never tried it - a similar principle of "killing fungus". For balance, here is a site refuting this doctor, and the theory that cancer is a fungus in at least some of the supposed cases of treatment.




Here is another video about cancer's historical increase due to poor diet, which is quite famous (no financial connection).




In case anyone's cancer is helped by any of the above information, then please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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